There are a lot of forwards going around on the P&L Statements of Startups and the losses they are making. 🤷

It makes very little sense to gauge a startup on their yearly P&L statement. That is a trading/services industry mentality.

Think of a startup like raising a child. If you take even the smartest of children and look at the first 12 years of their education, it will look like they are net net only taking and not contributing back (If they do, it involves child labour :p).

The goal of a startup is to build an asset. Building…

Change takes time. But there are those who are impatient and want things to be different NOW and seek a revolution. When you see that, pause and remember that ...

... Revolutions demand sacrifices. And many of these leaders who talk about change, wont step up to offer themselves, but will ask others to pay that toll. ...

... because their leadership is more valuable than the change that they talk about.

These are often well intentioned folks, who are misled because they believe if they were incharge, things would be better. And no one is leaving them incharge. …

It always bothers me (and makes me sad) in a community when the first thing a new member does is post a self-promotional message and has an ask.

eg. hey we are launching a product, please signup or upvote. Or we are hiring.

If we want a community that benefits all of us, that only happens if we give more than we take — and preferably start with a give, than a take. A good rule is to give twice, take once.

Building an ecosystem isn't the burden of a few, but a role all of us have to play…

The past few years have seen an explosion of consumer trends in India. We are still at the very early stages of the D2C (Direct to Consumer) trend that is emerging, but there has been some phenomenal success with brands like BoATs, Mama Earth, etc. The rise of brands like Bira, Epigamia, Paperboat, etc has added further confidence both into investors as well as the entrepreneurs looking to take a chance in this space.

There have been reports that India will see close to 1000 well-known brands in this space in the next 10 years (we currently have around 20…

Most systems when they are disrupted, tend to go on the extreme opposite end, will be extremely unstable, and then find a new norm.

Historically, the famous french revolution though it was the rise of the peasants against the bourgeois, it wasn’t stable till it founds its norm with Nepolean. Napolean wasn’t exactly an average citizen, but having been part of the revolution, he knew how to balance both worlds.

The revolution against Windows, gave linux, but it was not Linux but MacOS which won in the end.

Similarly the disruption against Amazon, wasn’t open platforms like ebay or craigslist…

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BlackBook Basics are best practices and insights that will give those who are building startups a better perspective, to orbit shift and elevate their startup game. This content is open, barring a few which are accessible via free registration.

Good is the title that society gives you based on its collective values. It is in a way, a system of adherence to the norm. As an entrepreneur, you’ll need a far more reliable anchor to ground yourself.

  • When building the fundamentals to your business, in B2B it comes down to two core ideas, and in B2C it is seven. Dave…

In the decade that I have been working with entrepreneurs, I’ve asked myself several times — witnessing all that folks go through to bring their dreams to life — as to what sort of sane person would choose this path willingly. The answer is no one.

It takes a certain kind of madness to jump into entrepreneurship — but it also helps to have perspective. This post is about that.

The default state for a startup is failure. And as hard as that might be for you to accept, it's true. Look at every startup out there, it is a…

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“Hi am Mr. XXX ,entreprenuer founder and ceo of YYY (tech based electronic company) we had a business plan which worth billions and now we are looking for funding of our startup and deck of the project is listed below….thank you expecting a positive response from you with eagle eyes….”

I receive emails like these — about a dozen of them — every week. I usually respond to them with some feedback and refer them to some angel networks or a funding platform like LetsVenture. I try to be helpful.

But if they do manage to raise money, I’d be…

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What differentiates a group of people and a team?

A group of people come together either by virtue of interests, past history, or an idea that they believe in. There is an invisible line that connects them all.

A team is on a mission to achieve a goal — sometimes a big hairy audacious one at that. Everyone in a team is well aware of their strengths and the part they have to play towards it. …

I met these two founders, whom I’ve known for a while over coffee. They had just wrapped up another Investor pitch meeting and weren’t sure how it had landed. It was pitch #24.

“What is it that they are looking for though?” one of the founders asked.

I assumed, it was rhetorical. And they looked up at me, expecting an answer.

I put down the cup of coffee that I was starting to enjoy and said, “well, it depends what kind of investor you are pitching to”

“What kind? There are different kinds now?” one of them asked.

“Actually yes…

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