BluePrint for D2C Businesses (Outline)

The Startup Guy
2 min readJan 31, 2021

The past few years have seen an explosion of consumer trends in India. We are still at the very early stages of the D2C (Direct to Consumer) trend that is emerging, but there has been some phenomenal success with brands like BoATs, Mama Earth, etc. The rise of brands like Bira, Epigamia, Paperboat, etc has added further confidence both into investors as well as the entrepreneurs looking to take a chance in this space.

There have been reports that India will see close to 1000 well-known brands in this space in the next 10 years (we currently have around 20 well known once, and another 50–60 emerging brands at the moment).

For those who might be thinking in this direction, I am putting together a blueprint of sorts that will be published in the BlackBook Newsletter (available for paid members).

This is an outline of the aspects that go into a D2C Business — which has evolved with inputs from over 20 different entrepreneurs who are building startups in this space. This is v6, and as such still evolving in some aspects.

Notes :

  1. As mentioned, this is something that is still evolving.
  2. Don’t take the orders they are listed here as gospel, I do see that they can vary a little — or by much — based on what is the segment and product you are working on.
  3. There is a Phase 2 Blueprint that has started evolving, which covers aspects after the success of your first product — things like Product Expansion, optimizing export, etc.



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